Isak Savo (isak) wrote in pureadmin,
Isak Savo

New release: 0.4

There's been a lot of minor changes in svn the last year or so, and so far I've been too lazy to push a public release.

Well, here it is: Pureadmin 0.4!

Release highlights:
 New features:
  • Show list of system changes needed before using user manager
  • Progress bar showing download/upload progress

 Bug fixes:
  • Don't fail because the pureftpd activity directory doesn't exist.
    On ubuntu, it is always removed on reboot and created on first FTP login. Pureadmin now understands this
  • More robust handling of creating ftpuser/ftpgroup accounts and ftp directory.
  • Easier to enable debug output (no re-compile needed)
  • Check /proc to determine whether pureftpd is running or not. More robust than looking for the PID-file.

Also some translation updates and other bug fixes.

Autopackage and source tarball available on the download page.
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